/Performance and Evaluation

The performance in each discipline is evaluated by means of tests, seminars and assignments. Grades A (excellent), B (good), C (regular) and D (deficient) correspond respectively to the grades three, two, one and zero. Students who earn A, B or C as the final grade are approved
Overall performance of the students is measured by the cumulative GPA, which is calculated by the weighted mean of the number grades equivalent to the letter grades. The weight is the number of hours per class of the respective disciplines.
According to the current Regulation of the Graduate Courses at Coppe/UFRJ, the GPA of a student enrolled in the master’s course must be, at the end of this phase, equal to or higher than 2.0 (two). However, it is important to verify the additional norms of the regulation, as well as the rules of each program regarding the academic performance.