Graduate studies at Coppe are institutionally and regimentally run by its 13 departments. In recent years, it has become clearer that a stronger interaction between the various areas of Engineering, which is a field characterized by complementarity and interdisciplinarity, was necessary.


Established in 1988, the Parallel Computing Center – now Coppe's Advanced High Performance Computing Center (NACAD) - works in that direction. It represents a pioneering initiative in Brazil in the area of high performance computing and has contributed substantially to the development of national computer sciences, namely in the areas of computer systems for engineering, programming methodologies, languages and compilers, algorithms, operating systems and computer architecture.


The masters and doctorate courses in the interdisciplinary area of High Performance Computing offer a broad and up-to-date knowledge on the foundations and forms of technological development in the area of Scientific Computing. From an academic, institutional point of view, the creation of this course consolidates and expands the activities of the High Performance Computing Center, facilitating and increasing the links with the different departments at Coppe.


Research Lines Participating departments
Computational Mechanics Civil Engineering (1)
Mechanical Engineering
Computational Systems Civil Engineering (2)
Systems and Computational Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Systems Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Systems and Computational Engineering
Numerical Simulation of Complex Systems  Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering




Participating Departments Representatives
Civil Engeneering (PEC) Prof. José Claudio de Farias Telles
Systems and Computational Engineering (PESC) Prof. Claudio Amorim
Electrical Engineering (PEE) Prof. Djalma Mosqueira Falcão
Mechanical Engineering (PEM) Prof. Fernando Alves Rochinha
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (PEMM) Prof. José da Rocha Miranda Pontes


Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary High Performance Computing Area: Prof. Alvaro Luiz Gayoso de Azeredo Coutinho – Civil Engineering department (


Vice-Coordinator Prof. Nelson F. F. Ebecken (


Profiles of Candidates






Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree in exact sciences (engineering or related fields).