Coppe is one of the Brazilian institutions accredited as a unit of the Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (Embrapii). Coppe’s accreditation relates to the submarine engineering area for oil and gas exploration. Coppe has dozens of laboratories operating in the Embrapii’s unit and several contracts signed with companies in the sector.

Created by the federal government in 2011, through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and Education (MEC), Embrapii aims to encourage technological innovation, bringing universities, research institutions and companies closer together. The institutions that make up the network receive additional resources through a management contract and are evaluated by the company, receiving financial resources and having targets to meet.

The Embrapii-Coppe unit has three lines of action:


  • Analysis, design and qualification of submarine ducts, rigid and flexible risers and umbilical cables of medium and high voltage;
  • Flow guarantee;
  • Structural integrity analysis and risk management - monitoring, inspection and repair. 
Learn more at the website of Embrapii-Coppe (in portuguese).