/Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives

Coppe's Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives (ITCP) is a university extension program. Innovatively conceived since its creation in 1995, ITCP seeks to empower economically and socially invisible groups, making them capable of improving their own quality of life through productive inclusion. They are collectors of recyclable materials, users of the mental health system, peasants, small service providers, former inmates, among others. They are organized into cooperatives and supported with training and qualification.


By using management techniques and knowledge on industrial engineering, and combining them with the knowledge of other areas and partners, ITCP creates methodologies and develops actions to include and value the work of these groups that are on the edges of the informal economy and, therefore, are beyond the sight of the agents of the formal economy.

ITCP helped establish the University Network of Incubators of Popular Cooperatives, which today comprises about 60 universities in almost all Brazilian states. Projects developed directly by the incubator, alongside with governmental agencies, resulted in the creation of official national programs, with actions spread throughout the country.

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