Coordinating Council

Art. 7 The Coordination Council at COPPE will have the following members:

I – the Director of COPPE;

II – the Vice Director of COPPE;

III – the Deputy/Assistant Directors of COPPE;

IV – the Graduate Program Coordinators of COPPE;

V – two representatives from its Technical-Administrative Staff; and

VI – one representative from its Student Body.

§ 1 The representatives referred to in Item V, main section of this article and their corresponding deputies shall be technical-administrative staff members from COPPE, as elected by their peers for two-year terms for up to two consecutive terms.

§ 2 The representative referred to in Item VI, main section of this article, and their corresponding deputy shall be a regular student at UFRJ, enrolled in a stricto sensu Graduate Course at COPPE, as elected by their peers for a one-year term for up to two consecutive terms.

§ 3 In the case of occasional impediments or absences, a representative shall be replaced by their corresponding appointed deputy.

§ 4 Regarding the representatives referred to in Items V and VI, in the case of a permanent impediment or open position:

I – their corresponding deputies shall replace them in case more than half of their respective terms have elapsed; and

II – a new election shall be called for the remainder of their terms if a period less than or equal to half of such terms has elapsed.

Art. 8 It is the Coordinating Council’s duty to:

I – decide on, promote, and coordinate the implementation of academic and administrative executive actions;

II – analyze the accreditation, classification, transfer, or removal of Faculty members or Technical-Administrative staff at COPPE;

III – analyze proposals for contracts, agreements, or cooperation terms relating to research, development, innovation, and outreach projects or activities, as well as decide on their signing in cases where there is a specific delegation from the Deliberative Council; and

IV – assist the Director in making decisions on any matters submitted to them.

Art. 9 The Director of COPPE shall chair the Coordinating Council. In their absence, the Vice Director shall preside over the Coordinating Council and, when the latter is also absent, this role shall be delegated to a Deputy/Assistant Director. Sole paragraph. The Coordinating Council shall meet ordinarily twice a month or extraordinarily when assembled by its President or upon request of at least two-thirds of its members.

Art. 10 The Coordinating Council may establish temporary Extraordinary Commissions to advise on specific matters.