Civil engineering

Capes grade: 7

Coordinator: Maurício Ehrlich

Vice coordinator: Eduardo Fairbain

Since the creation of our program in 1967, we have become national leaders in education and research. We have consolidated and highly productive lines of research that are firmly engaged with the national and international scientific community, as well as with partnerships from outside the university environment, such as industries, companies, and government agencies. We were pioneers in training human resources and developing Brazilian technology in structures for oil and gas production, as well as in geotechnics and water resources. We have 12 different laboratories that integrate the fields of study in Structures and Materials, Geotechnics, Computational Mechanics, Oil and Gas, Water Resources and Environment, and Computer Systems, which characterize the interdisciplinary nature of our research.

Standing out among our achievements is our pioneering role in human resource training and national technology development in oil and gas production structures, renewable energy, and sustainable materials. Likewise, we contribute to the geotechnics and water resources fields by encouraging studies on soil movement, slope containment, flood control, and watershed management.


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Phone: + 55 (21) 3938-8461 | (21) 3938-7390

Address: Av. Horácio Macedo 2030, Bloco B – Sala 101, Centro de Tecnologia, Cidade Universitária, Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil CEP (Postal Code): 21941-914