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2024 Civil Service Exam for Faculty Openings at Coppe

Applications are open until June 11 for the civil service exam for higher education faculty at UFRJ. Out of the total offered openings, 13 are for new faculty at Coppe.

“It has been a long time since the Ministry of Education opened so many positions for federal universities. Here at Coppe, this exam supplies our faculty with new talent and maintains its excellence, which is one of our hallmarks, while also preparing our institute for the future”, says Professor Jean-David Caprace, Director of Academic Affairs at Coppe.

UFRJ often ranks as the leading Brazilian federal university in international university rankings, and Coppe is an academic unit for education in Engineering with the highest number of grades 6 and 7 (maximum grade) awarded by Capes, meaning academic excellence comparable to the best institutions worldwide. In addition, Coppe has the biggest Latin American laboratory park in Engineering, with over 130 high-level laboratories.

The exam involves a few phases. Applications for the first phase can be made until 11:59 pm on June 11, 2024. Click here to sign up, apply for the exam, print the payment slip, and keep track of your application.

The exam dates and other deadlines corresponding to each opening will be disclosed in due course, according to the specific schedule of each academic unit in charge of the respective opening, on the website of the Assistant Rector’s Office for Personnel (PR-4) of UFRJ.

Below are the Programs with faculty openings and their corresponding research areas.

Rules on Application Approval and Exam Phases for Coppe

Criteria for Exams in a Foreign Language (CD) – amendment
Criteria for Exams in a Foreign Language (CD)
Resolution on Evaluation and Accreditation – CAD
Complementary criteria for application approval and evaluation of titles and work for Class A Faculty.

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