Espaço Coppe

Espaço COPPE Miguel de Simoni is a Hub officially created in 1996 by the academic director of Coppe/UFRJ – Professor Segen Farid Estefen, with the name MUTEC – Museum of Technology of Coppe. In 2002, it was renamed Espaço Coppe Miguel de Simoni for Technology and Human Development as a tribute to one of our Professors, and later in the same year, it was inaugurated with an opening exhibition.

In 2006, we inaugurated a permanent exhibition focusing on the following core areas: Mechanisms and Organisms; Society and Environment; Information and Knowledge; Work, Services, and Entertainment; Matter and Energy and the Virtual World.

In January 2016, we inaugurated the current exhibition, called “Knowledge Explorers”.

Espaço Coppe is a place for the dissemination of science and technology, promoting meetings and debates and expanding the horizon of the participants to new possibilities and discoveries. These stimulate the production of new knowledge, awaken new aspirations, and promote discussions and questioning on important and current subjects within our reality.

Here we prepare, analyze, and produce information in science and technology. We also allow elementary to high school students and teachers to become familiar with the research developed at our university, especially by our laboratories at Coppe. Our teams are continuously researching ways to mediate knowledge production and everyday life, adapting this information into an intuitive language for the general public.

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