Postdoctoral degrees

In order to consolidate and keep our doctoral graduate’s knowledge up-to-date, we at Coppe offer 36-month postdoctoral research internships in our 13 programs, extendable for another two years.

Applicants must submit the following documents:

● Detailed research plan with the following information: research project, rationale, expected outcomes, schedule, funding, and financial plan and the supervisor’s agreement with the activities to be developed;

● Updated professional CV on the Lattes Platform;

● Copy of the doctoral degree certificate or diploma, duly revalidated, if applicable;

●     If the applicant has an employment relationship with an institution, they must submit documentation from that institution authorizing their leave of absence from their work activities during the postdoctoral program.

Note: The research project must contemplate the publication of articles classifiable as advanced research, following the Coppe/UFRJ Faculty Evaluation Committee. For more information, potential applicants should contact the programs or their future supervisor (Applicable regulations: DC Resolution on Postdoctoral Programs at COPPE).