Technology Business Incubator for Community Cooperatives

Our History

The Technology Business Incubator for Community Cooperatives (ITCP) was founded in 1995, as a result of the cooperation between COPPE/UFRJ and the Committee of Public Entities against Hunger and for Life – COEP, the Funding Authority of Studies and Projects – Finep, and the Banco do Brasil Foundation – FBB.

ITCP-COPPE was a pioneering initiative in Brazil, articulating the knowledge produced at the university – teaching, research, and science outreach – and initiatives for our community in search of solutions for social inclusion. With the positive results this experience promotes, such as new economic, educational, and political instruments for developing social innovation, the ITCP has already implemented numerous projects and participated in government programs, promoting public policies that generate work and income.

COPPE’s Social Business Incubator

ITCP-COPPE is an incubator for businesses and projects with socio-environmental and local impact. 

Located in one of the main Latin American centers for technology, it supports the development of innovative ideas and projects that contribute to solving social, environmental, and cultural problems, with new perspectives for work, income, and citizenship for socially and economically vulnerable individuals and groups.

Its work promotes the development and training of local players, encouraging solidarity companies, cooperative governance, and an expanded perspective on the structural aspects of society and the territory in which they insert themselves.

Its mission is to improve the potential of innovative socio-environmental initiatives, by building cooperative territorial ecosystems that propel the local and global economy.