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The Office of International Affairs guides the internationalization process of the graduate programs at COPPE, including its faculty and students. It commits itself to the development of Brazilian science and technology with international academic partnerships focused on developing and improving human resources. Its role is to mediate initiatives for the internationalization of COPPE, while complying with the guidelines of the Office of International Relations at UFRJ (SGRI). More specifically, COPPE’s Office of International Affairs oversees the proposal of international academic agreements and cotutelle agreements, publicizes partnership and exchange opportunities, and offers support to international students and foreign visits to our institute.

Academic Agreements

Through UFRJ, COPPE establishes collaboration agreements with several international higher education institutions and research institutions. These agreements mainly contain the rights and duties of the signing parties.

Below are some of our partnerships:
International Partnerships of UFRJ proposed by COPPE

If you notice any errors or expired agreements, please report them to the following email:

Establishing an Agreement

The parties of an international partnership always consist of UFRJ and a foreign partner, even if their activities are exclusively limited to Coppe. The Rector of UFRJ or their legal representative will be the one who signs the agreement. At Coppe, International Academic Agreements are established with our guidance at the Office of International Affairs, in compliance with the guidelines from the Office of Foreign Affairs at UFRJ and from the Federal Attorney-General’s Office.

We recommend that Coppe professors interested in proposing an international agreement between UFRJ and an international institution seek our advice at the Office of International Affairs.

Types of Agreement

1) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


  • Both parties intend to formally register their interest in cooperating, with no incurred obligations to either party. It is basically a “written handshake”.

2) Specific Agreement


  • A party wants to promote academic exchange, be it with students, faculty, or technical-administrative staff members; or when they intend to promote joint research projects.

It is also possible to sign amendments to expand the scope of an agreement in force, to rectify its content, or to extend its term of validity. Please note that the concerned parties can only sign an amendment for extending the term of an agreement within such a term.

The Office of International Affairs submits the proposals for international academic agreements via SEI and, depending on the case, they may need approval from the collegial body of the proposing program, from the CPGP (Coppe’s Commission for Graduate Studies and Research), from Coppe’s Deliberative Council, and the Department Council at the Center of Technology before being forwarded to the International Academic Agreements Department of the Office of International Relations at UFRJ to be analyzed and signed.

3. Cotutelle Agreement

Cotutelle (also joint degree) is an agreement that allows master’s and doctoral graduate students to study simultaneously at UFRJ and a foreign higher education institution in order to obtain a degree in both institutions.

The Office of International Affairs offers guidance on the necessary documents, while the program in which the concerned student is in will preferably be the one opening the administrative process for the agreement.

Resolution on Cotutelle

Recognizing Foreign Degrees

The application process for recognizing foreign degrees at UFRJ has been suspended since July, 2018. This suspension has been extended every 90 days by UFRJ in consultation with the Federal Attorney’s Office, as stated on the PR2 website.

How to proceed?

According to Resolution CEPG 05/2019, the recognition process must start through the Carolina Bori Platform.

Once the process for degree recognition has resumed, a normative proceeding will be published with a step-by-step process for new applications on this platform. For more information, go to or email

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