Literacy for Youth, Adults, and the Elderly

About us

Contributing to the sustainable development of our community and the creation of social technologies, we at COPPE present the Literacy for Young People, Adults, and Elderly project, whose purpose is to overcome the illiteracy that affects the EJA (Youth and Adult Education) community; motivate students to continue their studies in formal educational institutions; emphasize access to education as a basic right, and contribute to the critical didactic-pedagogical training of UFRJ students who work with science outreach projects.

With a major focus on literacy, each stage of the project lasts one year and covers, in addition to the basic literacy process, the ability to interpret, reading fluency, and training for the Encceja (Brazilian Certification Exam for Competencies of Young People and Adults) exam, which assesses the knowledge, skills, and competencies of young people and adults who did not graduate from Elementary School at the expected age.

One of the premises of our project is to cherish an emancipatory education that stimulates autonomy and regards students as active subjects, that is, protagonists of their histories and capable of transforming the realities in which they live as they receive an education that promotes critical reflection. “We make ourselves human by working together to continuously make the world the mediation of consciences that coexist freely” (FREIRE, 2016).

Contact us

For more information about the project and registration period, check our Instagram at @projetoletramento, or contact us through the number (21) 99916-7085 (Denise Cunha Dantas – Coordination) or through the following email address: