Lounge Area/Grêmio

Our Lounge Area (in Portuguese, “Grêmio”) is a long-standing living space for the entire academic community at Coppe, having recently undergone a major renovation and administrative readjustments for its reopening.

Located in Block Q (at the end of Block N) of our Technology Center and with a total area of approximately 11,000 m², its management is now carried out by the Institutional Sector for Events and Operations (SEIOp).

The space is primarily aimed at those who are part of our community at Coppe, but can also be used by the entire academic community of UFRJ: professors, students, civil servants, employees, and outsourced employees; and for the external community when applicable.

Our Lounge Area has the following facilities:

  • Soccer Field
  • Breakroom
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Gourmet Lounge
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Indoor Lounge

Scheduling a facility

To schedule one of our facilities, please email gremio@adc.coppe.ufrj.br or carloseduardo@adc.coppe.ufrj.br.

Schedulings can also be made in person at the Administration Office inside the Lounge Area. Every schedule consists of a document granting the use of a facility, to be duly filled and signed by the person responsible for the event, containing the agreed considerations and responsibilities for using the applicable facilities during the stipulated period.

Online Scheduling of Sports and Wellness Activities

Click here to learn more about the activities offered in our Lounge Area.

For more information, go to https://dpadi.coppe.ufrj.br/gremio-da-coppe/