Risk Management studies at Coppe to improve accident prevention strategies

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Date: 28/04/2024

To ensure safety and regulatory compliance in the workplace, the Coppe/UFRJ Department for Occupational Safety, Environment, and Health Management (GSMS) is currently mapping risk areas, safety resources, and evacuation procedures of the institute’s physical spaces to prevent incidents and accidents. According to Tharcisio Fontainha, Coppe’s Deputy Director for Institutional Development and Planning, the goal is to ensure the safety of people and to correctly estimate the necessary resources to achieve it.

It includes the continuous monitoring of fire extinguishers so that they are always in a suitable condition for use. In 2002, the Institute prepared 13 new projects and reviewed 43 existing projects for escape routes, emergency lights and beacons, and fire extinguishers, among others, along with detailed descriptive reports of its environment, contributing to a more effective crisis response.

That same year, the GSMS carried out training sessions in fire extinguisher handling and good practices in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Collective Protection Equipment (CPE) in laboratories and classrooms. Those who took the training acquired essential knowledge to ensure personal and collective safety in daily activities within the institution.

The GSMS played yet another major role in the removal of chemical waste from laboratories. In 2022, they collected 4.2 tons of chemical waste, promoting environmental responsibility and preventing improper waste disposal.

“We also have a project to implement a chemical sharing system between laboratories. Products discarded by a laboratory may be useful as inputs for other laboratories”, explains Professor Tharcisio. He also states that Coppe is developing contingency plans against adverse situations in partnership with the Firefighters Corps and other agencies. “Our goal is to standardize, improve, and formalize the procedures to follow in case of accidents”.

The former Fire Brigade of Coppe, which was part of the GSMS organizational chart until 2023, is now under the command of UFRJ.

The GSMS is a result of Coppe’s institutional and academic agendas and a part of its efforts to meet the growing need for emotional care, continuous monitoring to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, and developing applied research projects to improve the health and safety of workers in various sectors.

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