Acolhe Coppe records an 88% increase in the search for psychosocial care

Planeta COPPE / News

Date: 28/04/2024

Since 2020, with the creation of the Acolhe Coppe Center for Psychosocial Care, Coppe has expanded its attention beyond regulatory compliance, embracing a more comprehensive approach to workplace wellbeing. This project consists of a multidisciplinary team with psychologists, art therapists, an integrative therapist, and a social worker. The services include brief individual psychological care, a support group, and an art therapy group, along with integrative and complementary practices (PICS), such as reiki, chromotherapy, reflexology, auriculotherapy, floral therapy, and aromatherapy. In 2023, the project recorded a total of 885 workers who sought emotional care, an increase of 88% when compared to 2022, with a great demand for integrative practices and art therapy.

“The high demand for emotional care seems to reaffirm the importance of a safe, qualified, and ethical intra-institutional space to care for and monitor the emotional health of workers and students using validated scientific techniques that have already been widely recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS)”, says the technical coordinator of Acolhe Coppe and psychologist Josiane Barros.

In 2023, Acolhe Coppe developed other projects in partnership with Coppe’s HRM, such as the project Preparing for Retirement, a new approach to psychosocial care with qualified listening and in line with the Brazilian Statute of the Elderly to promote healthy aging. Another example is psychoeducational projects that include outsourced workers from the cleaning teams, focusing on integration, appreciation, belonging, and overcoming harassment, among others.

Acolhe Coppe is a result of Coppe’s institutional and academic agendas and a part of its efforts to meet the growing need for emotional care, continuous monitoring to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, and developing applied research projects to improve the health and safety of workers in various sectors.

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