Smart Constructions Laboratory (LCI)

Created from a partnership between UFRJ and the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, the Smart Constructions Laboratory (LCI) at Coppe/UFRJ is an inter- and multidisciplinary living lab operating with sustainable materials, sustainable water usage, clean energy, street lighting, environmental conditioning, and cement industry decarbonization, in addition to new ways of developing products, services, and technological
devices for solving existing problems. The LCI integrates production activities, research, and daily life and regularizes new initiatives in order to reinforce the development of civil construction. Through the LCI Program for Innovation in Sustainable Civil Construction, the laboratory promotes entrepreneurship among UFRJ students and researchers through innovative products or methods that can foster value and encourage the creation and acceleration of technology-based ideas.
LCI integrates Coppe’s Innovation Ecosystem through the further acquisition of practical knowledge in entrepreneurship and development and by connecting the other sectors of the quadruple helix model (namely society, industry, and government).